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What is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of lotto players who jointly buy loads of lottery tickets together to boost every individual member’s chances to win. At you can play the UK National Lottery online, join a EuroMillions UK Syndicate, play the Thunderball with a lotto group or even opt to play with an Irish lottery Syndicate.

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Increase your Odds of Winning the Lottery

As a lotto group member you own a chuck of a large number of lottery tickets, so your odds of matching the lottery numbers is far greater.

When you join forces with other British lottery players online you share the cost, saving loads of money in the process.

Why play alone when you can share the excitement of winning with other players?

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How Syndicates Work

You can play syndicates for all the UK’s top lotteries and there are many different types of syndicates for you to choose from. Simply choose your favourite lotto group and buy shares. There’s no need for you to gather people together… We do all the hard work; all you need to do is have fun and enjoy winning the lottery!

Syndicates Win

Automatic Payment of Lottery Prizes

After a draw you are provided with an overview of all the winning tickets owned by your syndicate. Prizes are paid out automatically and promptly! What you’ll win depends on the number of shares you own. Prizes are paid out pro-rata, i.e. your earnings are proportionate to how much money you contributed to the syndicate.

Lottery Syndicate Definitions

Lines – A line is a combination of lotto numbers. Every syndicate has a different set of number combinations, e.g. a 100-line syndicate has 100 unique combinations of numbers. A 100-line syndicate group has 100 chances of winning the jackpot. When you play a syndicate, you participate in the first available draw of the lottery in question.


Total Shares – The portfolio of tickets in a syndicate is divided into shares. If a Syndicate 50 shares, then each share you purchase gives you 2% of the total prize money won by the syndicate (100% divided by 50 equals 2%). You can buy as many shares as you like; the more shares you buy, the larger your chunk of the prize money.

Types of Lottery Syndicates

Syndicates Ballons

Random Selection

A randomly chosen selection of numbers for a set number of lines.


Systematic Forms offer all probable combinations out of a series of 7-14 numbers. The numbers are selected randomly.

Additional Numbers Match Guaranteed

In an Additional Numbers Match GTD Syndicate, the lines consist of every possible combination of the lottery in question’s extra number(s) to make sure that the syndicate will at the very least match that extra number(s) once. The other numbers held by this type of Syndicate, however, are randomly chosen.

Guaranteed Number Match

Each line has one dynamic number. This one changing number spans the entire guess range of the lottery. As a result, these types of syndicates guarantee that one drawn number will always match. The other numbers held by this type of Syndicate, however, are randomly chosen.

Big Lotto Syndicate Win Stories

March 2012 – A syndicate from the US state of Maryland, calling itself the ‘Three Amigos’ scooped up a third of the largest jackpot in lottery history – the Mega Millions $656 million jackpot! The total wins by these three mates was nearly £140 million at the time!

August 2013 - The super slick ‘Ocean’s 16’ syndicate from the US state of New Jersey hit the US Powerball jackpot in 2013 with three tickets – they took home won a huge jackpot prize of nearly £290 million.

September 2014 – Luck of the Irish! They chose to remain anonymous, but what we do know is that it was a syndicate from Ireland which walked away with the entire jackpot in the EuroMillions in the autumn of 2014 - a mouth-watering £70 million.

Questions & Answers about Online Lotto Syndicates


Can I select my own lotto numbers?


At the time of set-up, the numbers of a syndicate are randomly selected. In other words, you’re unable to specify the numbers you wish to play when you join such a syndicate. What you can do, however, is select a syndicate based on the numbers contained within it. For your convenience, the preselected numbers are shown on the play form so you can check them before making up your mind.


What percentage of syndicate prizes do I get?


How much prize money you’re entitled to depends on the number of shares you own. The lottery group’s winnings are split pro-rata between the total number of shares.


What if some of the syndicate’s shares are not sold?


How much you’re entitled to in terms of prize money is dependent on how many shares in the syndicate were purchased, regardless of how many shares were originally advertised. In other words, without spending a penny more, you’d end up with a bigger prize.