Lottery Syndicate Form

It is recommended that a formal lottery syndicate form is completed when starting a lottery syndicate. We recommend the agreement contains the below.  This is not an exhaustive list but should be looked at as a minimum.

• The start date the lottery syndicate forum was created
• The Lottery Syndicate Managers name (consider a deputy also)
• The Lottery Syndicate members names
• The games and numbers to be played, i.e UK Lotto, Euromillions
• Which days will be entered i.e. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday etc
• The numbers you would like to use.  (consider keeping the same numbers or using luckydips)
• The cost that each member will pay per draw
• How the winnings will be split
• Agree what will happen should a member fail to pay their contribution.
• Would members want publicity or not.

We have created an example Lottery Syndicate form that you may wish to use. 

Click here to download.